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Play and Learn CHINESE - free bilingual flashcards language learning travel app

Play and Learn CHINESE is a free Chinese language learning app that gives you a start if you’re interested in learning Mandarin Chinese. By completing all packs you should be able to manage basic pronunciation of most of the Chinese characters covered, learn some vocabularies and acquire certain simple Chinese language understanding.

This Mandarin Chinese language learning app gives you lessons to help you and get you started on becoming a Chinese speaker. If you want to proceed further in your Chinese speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, unlock all packs and you’ll be on your way to learning hundreds of Chinese words.

To really learn Chinese, it is recommended that you practice your Chinese language words daily. Remember, the more you practice Chinese, the faster you will learn the Chinese language.

All Chinese lessons start from the most basic words in Chinese. If you are new to Chinese language, you should spend as much time practicing Chinese as you can. Practice is one of the most important tasks in learning Chinese language.

Play and Learn CHINESE is a useful tool to learn for getting around China. Chinese characters are considered as the true Chinese written language, and Play and Learn CHINESE will give you a good start on this. The main purpose of the free Play and Learn CHINESE app for iOS and Android is to teach you new words in Mandarin Chinese as well as pronunciation of Chinese words.

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